On its Wings We Fly

In the absence of it we feel lost. We forget it even exists. We forget how far out it has pushed us. When we are close to give up, it reapers in the most unexpected of all places. To carry us once more, on its wings of resurrection…

Just before it lets us go again… to be, and to last independent of itself. In the free fall from these exciting heights, you start to enter the darkness. To enter the abyss of your own deep shallowness… This is where you learn… this is where your spirit truly exists. All of your previous flights brought you to this point. So, will all of your future ones as well… that is if there will be any…

Now, it doesn`t seem like there will be… it seems like the end is near. You don`t see the way out of this… you would if you could, but the darkness around you is too vast. You don`t stand a chance.

Just as you are about to crash into the ground, just as all of your dreams are about to splatter over the dark concrete, the wings come back. To pick you up and bring you back where you belong.

Now, it`s easy… I know; it is easy to look at your self in that pitch-black nothingness. It is easy because that same nothingness is where those wings reappeared. You see them now. You see the wings for the first time… They are black, not white… They are because they came from where you use to be. They are part of you although they were your surroundings. Float on them as you will. Float on them as far as you can. Float on them before you fall again.”


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