Let`s imagine it: a race track.

One hundred meters of eight lanes for sprinters to race on; One direction, straight line, eight lanes.

At the finish line there is a big pile of money waiting for the first three. For the winners… As a matter of fact it is all of the money there is, in this fictional World. World that doesn`t actually exist outside of the stadium.

The first three guys will split it between themselves, as the other 5 will go home empty handed.

Sounds fair?

Well, you see there is a trick to this race. Instead of those white lines, that separate the lanes from each other, there are walls. Walls not too high, but high enough so that the participants can`t see each other. They all know they are racing someone but they don`t really know who they are racing against. Within these walls all the individuals are different and all of them are the same. They are different because of the conditions they are in, yet again the same because of the mind state they share. All of them take in their situation as a normal one, while they blindly assume that all of their opponents have same problems. However, most of them are so immersed in their current state that they forget what`s outside of their walls. They are just trying to get to the finish line as efficiently as possible.

The current state is such however, that some kids without their knowledge are starting with the unfair advantage. Some kids are starting at a different, much closer distance to the finish line then the rest. Some kids haven`t slept or ate last night, while some of them have no shoes. On the other hand some of them have the best sprinting ones. Some of them are late, while the others have been preparing for this race since they were born.

The problem is that the referee doesn`t know this. Well, maybe he does but he doesn`t care to penalize anyone. Even if he did know, he couldn`t do anything about it. He takes it in as a normal state of affairs. The only thing he is concerned with is watching over the finish line, and firing the gun. When he finally does so, all of the participants, run their best.

Some win and some lose.

The first three, the ones that took everything and have spliced it between themselves, finally can see what was hiding behind those walls. They finally can witness the adversities their competitors had to face. Bare feet, skinny, crippled, all sorts of men dealing with all sorts of obstacles.

The shock of realization strikes them, and they all of a sudden feel this surge of emotional empathy corrupting their body. All of a sudden they feel as if they should do something about it. As if they have some sort of obligation towards the people they`ve beaten, a little earlier before. They decide to give some of their fortune to the losing part of the competition.

The need for self-fulfillment cancels the self guilt at the moment when they finally decide to give them the job of building walls of the track where future races will be held.

The losing participants, so happy and grateful, call these ex champions great men, and dream about enrolling their kids in the same race one day. What they don`t realize however is that the champion`s kids have already started to race before these guys even finished the walls. Before they even went home to pick up their kids and brought them back to the track.

Round and round this race continues. Not as straight as it once was, as the walls but loop around the stadium.


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